Galaxy Angel Costumes

The Galaxy Angel anime series is about a group of women and girls who go on government-sponsored humanitarian missions as the Angel Troupe (Angel-tai) to search for Lost Technology, generally a plot device to set up amusing and absurd humor typical of the show, rife with obscure Japanese puns. Many of the devices look like extremely mundane objects like sticks or rice cookers, but have fantastic powers like mutating organisms or as destructive weapons.

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Galaxy Angel Apricot Sakuraba CostumeSale

Galaxy Angel Apricot Sakuraba Costume


Galaxy Angel Milfeulle Sakuraba CostumeSale

Galaxy Angel Milfeulle Sakuraba Costume


Galaxy Angel Ranpha Franboise CostumeSale

Galaxy Angel Ranpha Franboise Costume


Galaxy Angel Vanilla H CostumeSale

Galaxy Angel Vanilla H Costume